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This large ottoman stands in the middle of my sitting room and I enjoy it much everyday. It is a great alternative to a table and serves several purpose, I rest my feet at the end of the day, I also enjoy sitting around the upholstered furniture sharing a cup of coffee with my wife and friends, display books on the ottoman, but mostly appreciate how it fits so well in the room with it’s unique shape and colorful fabric. I thought you would enjoy too.

Ottoman upholstered by Eric Thoman in Austin TXAs you might have guest, the ottoman has a shape of a club with 4 equal lobes surrounded by a large twisted ramp finished with two different ropes.

Large upholstery twisted ramp around an ottoman

Ottoman upholstered by Eric ThomanThe fabric on the top is a “cannele” in French, named after it’s own special weave, made from silk with the pattern repeat of 34  inch.
I cut four widths with the same pattern and saw them in diagonal to get four triangles. The buttons are made in a deep  red taffeta which is also use on the side.

Ottoman design by Eric Thoman with  club shaped top

The ottoman’s dimension across is 58 inch with a height of 19 inch.

Dimension of the ottoman 58 inch across

Now that you have seen the finish product, lets start from the beginning and look at the previous stages before the upholstery. Just the wood frame cut to the desire shape for the top part of the ottoman,

Wood frame for a club shape ottoman

the second sheet of wood to make the case with the upholstered ramp

Upholstered ramp with damask fabric

 and last the sheet of foam perforated with hole.

Foam on the ottoman, upholstery by Eric Thoman  of Texas

See you soon for another upholstery on…


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